Turmeric Golden Mylk


Organic turmeric tea + grass-fed Collagen = glowing beauty from within!

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, providing the building blocks for strong & supple skin, hair and joints.

Our endogenous production of collagen naturally slows down over time, so treat yourself to an extra boost with this beautifully soothing and anti-inflammatory elixir.

This Ti Tonic blends easily with water or your favorite sugar-free nut mylk to create a stunning, antioxidant-rich SuperLatte – no barista required! Our premium tea + collagen peptide powders combine powerful anti-aging polyphenolic compounds with plant-based lipids (caprilyic and capric triglycerides from coconut oil) for optimal absorption of essential micronutrients at a cellular level. Warm up your morning routine and get ready, set, Glow!