The Ti Tonics Journey...
Our story begins in clean, green New Zealand, the homeland of cofounders James and Tracey, who first teamed up in 2008 to create vital, health-inspiring beverages for their fellow kiwis - and then for the world. Working with a talented team of plant scientists, we sought to re-imagine what hydration could look like, and developed an award-winning range of antioxidant-rich, ultra-low sugar fruit/tea elixirs – Ti Tonics. (Special note: ‘Ti’ is how ‘tea’ is spelled in Maori – the native language of New Zealand).

At that time, hardly anyone was talking about sugar and the gradual, long-term damage it could do to your overall health, beauty and vitality. Even fewer people were aware of the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of plant polyphenols - or the nutraceutical co-factor ingredients that could enhance the action potential of these powerful compounds. We are proud to have been at the forefront of the exciting new space now being referred to as “beauty/wellness from within” through clean, advanced nutrition and hydration.

Today, the health-protective mission behind the Ti Tonics project remains true to its roots – but the products themselves have evolved in line with our increasing awareness of their environmental impact. Daily use of liquid dietary supplements may do wonders for your mind and body wellness, but what about for the planet? The answer became evermore clear to us – we needed to reimagine Ti Tonics so that the wonderful somatic benefits were retained, but the packaging kept to the bare minimum.

After extensive research and formulation work we are proud to launch our best Ti Tonics yet, which retain our signature organic white tea in combination with clean, collagen peptides sourced from the pasturelands of New Zealand. Come with us on our journey to make our lives - and this planet - as beautiful and vital as possible, naturally.